Local food

BRAASTAD EPLER - Apple Juice Production

On the farm Aske nordre we nurture traditions; we have started our own apple juice production. In our farm shop, you can buy apples, eggs, potatoes, honey, flour, blackcurrant juice and wooden fruit crates and of course our very own apple juice. For opening hours, please go to www.braastadepler.no


SKAFFERIET – Café & Countryside Shop

At Skafferiet, the friendly countryside café at Hovinsholm, you can enjoy excellent coffee and delicious home-baked treats. Afterwards, you can stroll down to the farm, explore the elegant yard and browse the gift shop in the "stables". Opening hours: www.skafferiet.no

 HELGØYA BIE - Honey Producers

Nes and Helgøya is known for it’s rich and varied flora being home to between 600 and 700 different varieties of plants and flowers. Our area is perfect for beekeeping and for honey production. We produce summer honey, heather honey and several other bee products.


MØLSTAD GÅRD - Black Currant Producer 

Mølstad farm has Norway’s largest production of blackcurrants; in addition to which we grow plums, apples, raspberries and gooseberries. Conducted tours for groups can be arranged during summer season. In December we give local people the option of cutting their own christmas tree in the Mølstad woods. To fint out more about our ”popup” events – please follow our FaceBook page “Mølstad gård – en solbæropplevelse”.


TJERNE GÅRD - Raspberry Production

Tjerne farm is located in Gaupen, 7 km north of Stavsjø. The farm extends right down to the lake. During the season we sell freshly picked raspberries directly from the farm.


OUSDAL GÅRD - Norsk Spelt AS



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