Potters workshop and sales room about 1km east of the junction at Jølstad in Gaupen.

The cotters place “Rønningen” is situated on a hill in a rural setting with good views of lake Mjøsa. The property is located in an open landscape, surrounded in the summer by flowers of all colours and a thriving kitchen garden. I have been a professional potter since 1985.

The old barn on the farm was converted into a potters workshop, extended recently into a sales room. 

All my products are handmade; I make everything from pottery to modelled sculptures. For further information and pictures, please visit my home page: www.livke.no

I also welcome orders. I take on special commissions, such as christening and wedding presents, corporate gifts and nameplates. I live on site and work full time in the workshop.

The workshop is open during June, July and August.
The rest of the year by appointment.

Liv Kristin Espelien
Mob.: 478 53 821
e-mail: livke@bbnett.no
Address: Hersethøgda 50, 2355 Gaupen


Design: M8Design - Utvikling: Scootr