INFOTEKET - Local Tourist Information

 We would like to welcome all visitors to beautiful Nes & Helgøya, the heart of the Mjøsa. We can help you to discover the places of historical interest, to find the views over lake Mjøsa and show you the nicest cycling routes.

Infoteket offers:
-  A wide selection of brochures
-   Maps of Nes and Helgøya
-   Maps for walking and cycling tours
-  Books about Nes and Helgøya
-  Local preserves; Honey, Jams and Cordials
-  Wooden Toys and puzzles
-  Local Products - Arts and Crafts, Furniture

In the summer season you can hire bikes and kayaks from us. We can recommend a variety of day trips; just pack your bag with goodies and spend a whole day exploring!

Are you organizing a group tour? We would be pleased to help you and can arrange day trips, overnight stays and guided tours for you. “Slow adventure” is our speciality!

What about touring around this beautiful landscape in our local Vintage bus together with one of Infotekets guides? On the way, you have time to visit some manorial farms and get to know the kultural heritage from this region.

Infotekets opening hours and further information can be found on Infotekets website or by sending us an e-mail:


All are welcome!

Tingnesvegen 796
2350 Nes - Hedmark
tel.  +47 47165913


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